We believe in a world in which the links between people and caring for the planet are the basis on which to build a more human, ethical and sustainable future. That is why at BEBA’S we strive to create garments that stand the test of time, respecting nature and contributing to the community.

We are not perfect, but we work every day to improve our processes and we are tireless! We want each of our brides to feel proud of wearing a BEBA’S, not only for its beauty but also for the commitments it entails.

Four pillars support our commitment: the PEOPLE who make it possible, the FABRICS we work with, the CARBON FOOTPRINT of each dress we create, and the END of each of our garments.

Let us tell you one by one.

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PEOPLE: “All BEBA’S collections are made entirely in Madrid and Toledo in artisan workshops. Thus, we support not only proximity manufacturing in our community, but also the continuity of craftsmanship that is part of our roots and our culture: cutters, model makers, pattern makers, seamstresses, PEOPLE with their own names, who with their magical hands allow us to enjoy handcrafted pieces created from emotion and love for needlework. “

Belén Barbero

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FABRICS: 90% of our dresses are made with a triacetate crepe that meets the highest sustainability standards: FSC Certificate, (it guarantees that the forests where these products are obtained are managed responsibly), OEKO TEX Standard (certifies the dyes and chemicals used) and BLUESIGN Certificate (ensures high quality textiles sustainable with the environment and the people who contribute to its manufacture)

CARBON FOOTPRINT: We know that despite our efforts there will always be steps in the process beyond our control. Therefore, to counteract the footprint that our garments may leave on the planet from 2020 on, we plant a tree for each bride who chooses us through One Tree Planted project.


END: We only create made-to-order garments: each dress is born for “her bride”. Every BEBA’S piece will ultimately be a symbol of the bride’s true identity and of her dreams. Therefore  we are confident that it will become part of her history and will pass from generation to generation. On the other hand, our sample dresses “find” their ideal bride in our sample sales in which we collaborate with Diversion Solidaria Foundation.