Inspired by a mythical garment such as the tuxedo, and reinterpreted to capture from the serenity all the strength that the feminine universe emanates. Matte and satin complement each other to create light plays, strategic pleats that give movement, a buttoned belt that frames the waist, and puff sleeves to just be yourself.

The model wears two versions. First the MINI version with sleeves. Then the MAXI length without sleeves. Customize the design and choose the version with which you most identify, taking into account your tastes, silhouette and type of event.

Available online and in selected partner boutiques.

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This new bridal line is dedicated to all those women who want a return to the simple, to the intimate. Those brides who dream, like us, of a kinder and calmer world. Women who do not get entangled in the periphery and who simply want to celebrate love.

A made-to-order collection that captures the essence of BEBA’S and flows naturally, effortlessly, towards more intimate, authentic and natural weddings.

A collection committed to generating a positive impact in our community and on our planet.

Tips & fit

Tips from Belén Barbero, BEBA’S Creative Director and Founder:

“A design inspired by the mythical men’s smoking, which gives it a very suggestive air with a lot of character. A golden choker with a lot of personality and stilettos will make you feel invincible and spectacular.”


Eco-friendly crepe, respectful with the environment (71% acetate, 29% viscose)

We want each of our brides to be proud of wearing a BEBA’S, not only for its beauty but also for the commitments it contains. We tell you the pillars of our Sustainable Manifesto here.

This dress is made of delicate and sensitive materials and must be worn and maintained with great care. Only professional dry cleaning with Green Earth or Hydrocarbons.

Shipping & conditions

Free European Union shipping. For the rest of the geographies the shipping costs are automatically calculated when you fill in your delivery address.

Shipping time: 6-8 weeks according to your choice.

All our dresses are made-to-order with all the customisations you choose. Each piece is born with the name of the bride. That is why we cannot offer you exchanges or returns.

If the shipment is outside the EU, keep in mind that you will have to take care of customs fees or any other type of tribute or fee that corresponds.

Read our Terms & Conditions of Sale

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