“Our heroine brides need the love of their loved ones more than ever. That’s why we’ve created this wish list, the gifts we know will bring a smile to their faces despite of the challenges they are facing. Dedicated to all of them, a selection of our accessories, experiences and favourite details from the hands of artisans and creators who touch our souls”

Belén Barbero

A selection of pieces and beautiful moments to give to that bride you love. Or to treat yourself, because you surely deserve it. Created, not only by the BEBAS team, but also by craftsmen and creators that we know in person and admire. They all share the philosophy of commitment that moves the BEBAS team, our brides and collaborators. Conceived with calm and soul, one by one. A lot of care put into each of them so that they become memorable memories and pieces to be treasured. And they also give smiles to those who need them most if you choose one of our Solidarity Boxes.

Let us tell you one by one.