It has been an exhilarating year filled with emotions entailing a new sunrise for the brand, as announced with the new collection Blooming Preface. This new sunrise was followed by our parade in VBBFW; undoubtedly, one of the turning points of this season and the best way to celebrate our 15th anniversary, with the collection “THE UNEXPECTED”. But sharing all of our achievements with you has been the most remarkable thing.

    Nothing makes us more delighted than putting our sand grain in your happiness. And we are ever closer to you, since we continue to grow within and outside our borders. This is our compromise, that each woman that falls in love with a BEBA’S can be a BEBA’S bride, regardless of where she is. Thus, we keep growing with the unstoppable support of our partner boutiques in the main Spanish cities and in eight foreign countries. This new season, BEBA’S family will continue growing with the incorporation of Marieta The Bridal Room in Málaga, and new international partner boutiques such as Promisse in Lile (France), You Are Bride in Reutlingen and White Concepts in Aachen (both in Germany) and Abel By K in Seoul, Korea.

    Two collections, the parade in Barcelona, the 15th anniversary and the growing number of brides that count on us, are undoubtedly reasons enough to translate 2019 into the Year of BEBA’S. It is still unbelievable to me that my youthful dreams have turned today into a reality that grows day by day, treasuring unforgettable moments and working for all of you with the same eagerness and illusion as the first day.

    Now is time to rest, to spend time with the loved ones and reconnect to kick off with recharged batteries.

    Thank you for sharing with me this memorable year.

    Belén Barbero