• BEBA’S collection “The Unexpected”, VBBFW

    BEBA’S collection “The Unexpected”, VBBFW

    “I want to confront the lights, chance, unfold my curiosity, open myself up,

    break with the preconceived ideas, exorcise this fear of the world.

    Do I have a choice? I’ve decided I do!”

    -Raymond Depardon, Errance, Éditions du Seuil, 2000-

    “The Unexpected” is a tribute to the unkwnown, an invitation to open oneself up to chance, to lose control and allow the  fortuitous to happen.

    Just as le flâneur, described by Walter Benjamin and based on the poetry of Charles Baudelaire, who wanders aimlessly through the streets of Paris, with no purpose, open to all the vicissitudes and impressions that come his way. Or like Dorothea Tanning’s doors that lead to other doors: something infinite that invites us to “look beyond”, to a space where the commonplace and the extraordinary converge. In the artist’s words:

    You are simply the visitor, honorably invited. Come in“.

    What will there be?

    I had been dreaming of this moment for years, the VBBFW runway was our next big challenge. After weeks of thinking, looking for a way to escape the pressure and design this new collection, I came up with the literary character of “le flâneur” and the idea to open myself up to chance. That’s when it all began: to stop searching, to sketch without planning and to allow myself to wander. To rid myself of all ties in spite of the vertigo and let myself go. And to finally surprise myself with what I finally uncover without having searched for it.

    -Belén Barbero-


    The designer has created this collection based on the idea of the unexpected:

    Materials that eschew commonplaces:

    Our classic Japanese crepe is accompanied by geometric veils that float almost unseen, embroidered gauze with small flashes of light, cotton mesh in which a small flower grows at each intersection, and flower gardens that are the focus of all attention when we least expect it.

    Unexpected colors that take over white:

    White slowly opens up to the unexpected, and almost without realizing it, color slips into the collection’s color palette. First in the form of mild flashes of golden light, which will gradually give way to the first shy and translucent powder pink. The mystery is subtly revealed and the midnight blue, lavender and even the yellow of meticulous handcrafted embroidery will take over the collection in an unanticipated combination in the bridal world.

    Gentle patterns that conceal powerful volumes:

    Fluid crepe silhouettes contrast with opulent voluminous sleeves, achieving the firm’s famed blend of delicacy and strength. The gentle bias cut disconcerts us and reveals powerful pronounced shoulders and sleeves of structured and floating volumes made of semi-transparent tulle that suggest something delicate yet determined.

  • THE UNEXPECTED”: the latest BEBA’S collection

    THE UNEXPECTED”: the latest BEBA’S collection

    The collection is inspired by the literary figure “le flâneur” described by Walter Benjamin, based on Charles Baudelaire’s poetry.  Like a drifting wanderer that roams and strolls around with no fixed destination, “The Unexpected” invites us to let ourselves be surprised by the unforeseen, exposing us to the vicissitudes and perceptions of the future without searching or expecting anything. This way, breaking the chains, Belén Barbero surprises us with what it is unveiled without being sought.

    In every corner of Soto de Robledo estate,  the collection acquires new shades and surprises us again in an unexpected way.  Freeing us from the established schemes and connecting with nature, Belén Barbero invites us to run barefoot in the sand, delve into the water and let our imagination fly.

    In a new environment, the brand’s characteristic artisan features blend with the organic elements in a contrast between nature and sophistication.  Like the drifting wanderer, this new campaign invites us to roam through the exquisite fabrics of the dresses, get lost in their embroideries and open us to a new perspective that shows us the collection like never before.

    This way “The Unexpected” is made up of three acts that revolve around the idea of the unexpected: materials that escape from common places, surprising colors that own the white and sweet patterns that hide powerful volumes.

    In terms of materials, the classical Japanese crepe is coupled with geometrical voilettes or embroidered gauze with tiny light sparks and cotton mesh. Talking about color, white shares the spotlight with shades from powdery pink to night blue, through lavender and yellow.  The game between delicate and strong comes with the contrast between the fluid silhouettes and the opulent and bulky sleeves, the strong pronounced shoulders and the structured volumes.

    Dresses that escape from the ordinary and are born from the emotion and love for details to symbolize the dreams of the women wearing them. Fall in love once more with “The Unexpected”.