To BEBA’S, every collection is a big new challenge, yet we always enjoy the experience – with great enthusiasm and passion. It’s been now a few days since we launched “Blooming Preface”, our newest capsule collection, and we’re still feeling on top of the world. We are so grateful for the love and support we’ve received from our friends, families, media, bridal professionals… And from our brides, of course! They are our driving force, they are the ones who make our work possible. During our launch event, I had the opportunity to share with everyone our brides’ views on our new collection – of those who have already tied the knot and those who are about to. To me, their opinion is extremely valuable. Seeing that they are as excited about the collection as I am is truly rewarding. They are, no doubt, the source of our inspiration – an endless source of inspiration.

At BEBA’S, we’re very lucky to work with brides from different parts of the world; nothing pleases me more than talking to them. Being directly in contact with them on allows me to understand my own job better and to improve myself with each collection. This time, we chose Switzerland – where our Hera Zürich store is – for the launch of our new collection; and we spent a beautiful weekend there. Such a great experience!

On Friday we organised a Press Day where we had the change to meet a number of professionals within the wedding and bridal industry and to exchange views. To me it’s very important to immerse myself in other cultures, to get to know their idea of a bride and a wedding, and to assess how they respond to our designs. This time, everything was about Blooming Preface, so I took the chance to tell them in person the story behind the collection and where the inspiration came from by presenting each one of our dresses.

On Saturday we organised our Designer Day, which is one of the most important moments to me, as I get to meet the brides. At BEBA’S we’re grateful and honoured to be able to work with women from all over the world, with different lifestyles and, of course, different ways to understand what a bride is. Each and everyone of them are unique and extraordinary women, whose stories are part of BEBA’S story, too.

During the weekend we got to meet nine lovely brides; surely very different from one another, yet they all had something in common – they wanted to get married in a BEBA’S dress. It’s hard to explain with words how I feel every time a bride chooses us for their big day. There’s no greater satisfaction than seeing their blissful faces, full of joy and gratitude, when they see themselves in their dreamed dress. And it’s quite ironic, because I am the one who feels the most grateful and fortunate.

Getting to know your brides – what they think, how they feel, what they expect, what they need – is a great source of inspiration, it allows me to keep on creating and improving myself and my work. BEBA’S is my project, but it is theirs, too. BEBA’S is the project of every bride with character who wants to be herself and dare to stay away from conventional fashion.

This exciting and beautiful weekend concluded with a photo shoot and a great team behind it.  We chose our Hera Zurich store for the setting, with its beautiful concrete walls and spectacular design furniture; a contemporary yet cosy space. Jenny Milow did an incredible job at photographing the session; hairstyling and make up was done by Tilia Novotny, who made sure our beautiful model Hatun Buddenbrook looked perfect at all times;  Blüeten Fabrik took care of the floral arrangements and stunned us with her wonderful creations. Also, Rahel, Rodolfo, María and I played a role by introducing ideas and ensuring a team work atmosphere, which made possible this beautiful work that I was so eager to share with you.

We’ll soon be posting this amazing photo shoot. Until then, you can enjoy these beautiful pictures by Jennifer März Photography. I hope you like them as much as I do!