With this careful selection of what was to be a grandiose collection of 40 looks presented on the Barcelona catwalk, BEBA’S decides to shed fear and embrace uncertainty. Launch a message of gratitude and trust to the universe. Because although the path is still blurred, we glimpse a light that we want to share with you … will you join us on our journey towards the light? …

“Glimpses -occurrences- are bifronte, intermediate, 

transitory events, between no (to the previous) and yes (to the following).

They appear and disappear like lightning. ”

-Three literary-philosophical exercises of logic and metaphysics-

-Juan David García Bacca-

“A shared event that questions everything that we took for granted. And suddenly that precise moment in which one glimpses a faint ray to sneak in, a thread to pull …

  Will I be facing a revelation or maybe it is just an illusion?

Then THE question arises,

What is more relevant, the perceived reality or what really happens? ”

-Belén Barbero-


The designer articulates this capsule collection of 10 looks around the concept of GLIMPSE. Thus each design supposes an indication of what is to come, in a succession of intuitions that articulate the plot line of the collection. Small reflections, suggestive tracks and subtle winks, act as a link between the neatness of the first design and the daring of the last. Designs with names of stars in the sky that allow us to glimpse the light along the journey.

Illusory materials

A clean white crepe that is gradually enriched with reflections of handmade embroidery until it gives way to more suggestive fabrics. Delicate at first, like jacquard organzas or tulle embroidered on paillettes. More daring in a second like jacquard lick or iridescent rhinestones, pure mirage. To finally end in fantasy, in glimpse-illusion, with an exquisite 3D multicolour embroidery, grandiose, exultant.

Iridescent mirages

They first appear shyly, almost hidden, through slits. They are subtly acquiring strength, color, shine. Until becoming a declaration of intent: glimpse or illusion, reality or fantasy. The iridescent reflections and the work with the color, constitute the axis of union, the light that escapes through the crack, that anticipates and that allows us to glimpse a finale full of magic and reverie.

From pristine silhouettes to revelation volumes

Quiet, caressing, bias-cut silhouettes acquire more voluminous details thanks to loops and ruffles. Gradually, we are faced with generous cape skirts, pleats and powerful sleeves. It is the prelude to the end, that arrives with magical volumes at the intersection between glimpse and illusion.


… Today more than ever …


90% of our dresses are made with a Japanese triacetate crep cadi that meets the highest sustainability standards:

FSC certificate: It guarantees that the forests from which these products are obtained are managed responsibly. In this case, the triacetate comes from the pulp of the eucalyptus and hence the FSC certificate.

OEKO TEX certificate: It is certified that the dyes and chemicals used are not harmful to health.

BLUESIGN certificate: In the manufacture of the articles, the environmental impact is minimized, and high-quality textiles are ensured for health and sustainable with the environment and the people who contribute to their manufacture.

In addition, through the NGO One Tree Planted BEBA’S is committed to planting a tree on behalf of each bride who chooses one of our models.


Our BEBA’S collections are made entirely in Madrid in artisan workshops. In this way we support not only proximity manufacturing but also the continuity of skills and jobs that are part of our roots and our culture: cutters, modelers, pattern makers and seamstresses with their own names, who with their magic hands allow us to enjoy handcrafted pieces created from the emotion and love of sewing.


Dress  BEBA’S

Photos  Lorena San Jose 

MUAH Regina Cap de Vila

Headpieces Tocados Le Touquet

Shoes  Franjul

Venue Finca El Campillo

Art Direction  Rodolfo Mcartney

Model  Aitana Meg